CKM is organizing a six-day event, training in m-commerce in the second half of May, 2016. The training is organised as part of CKM activities under the Erasmus plus project - M-commerce.  The project M-commerce is focused on developing training for employees of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The aim of the project is to encourage the development and expansion of m-commerce activities in these companies.

The target group for the training consists of entrepreneurs, or managers of SMEs. The training is designed to be intensive and will cover a small group of 10 participants. The selection of participants will be done on the basе of their motivation, need for these type of skills and knowledge, and their commitment to attend the training.  


The training will cover:

Day 1: Basics of M-commerce 

Day 2: Internet Marketing 

Day 3: Social media marketing 

Day 4: Mobile web pages 

Day 5: Mobile web shops 

Day 6: Risks and legal scope  


We are expecting your applications at the following link!