October 6th, 2016, Strumica, Macedonia 

The team of CKM organised the first set of the educational training, part of the project for “Supporting businesses for young people” financed by the Municipality of Strumica and the Foundation Open Society - Macedonia. 

More than forty young entrepreneurs applied with great business ideas out of which the following twenty were selected to continue with the training and participate in the second segment of the project - four days of themed training, where they will have the opportunity to put their business ideas into business plans:


1. Vasil Aleksiev

2. Filip Zaevski

3. Elizabeta Miteva

4. Vaska Jovanovska 

5. Desanka Zaharievski

6. Kostandin Katrandziev

7. Kiril Ivanov

8. Pance Stojanov

9. Dance Enimiteva

10. Nikolina Tashevski

11. Tomislav Nikolov 

12. Bone Kirov

13. Mile Georgiev

14. Goran Enimitiev

15. Kosta Jovanov

16. Boris Edrovski

17. Ana-Marija Kasamovska

18. Sara Popova

19. Ivan Mastev

20. Zivko Komrov


The 8 best business plans will receive a prize, grant of 3000 euros each, to help them launch their idea. We encourage our participants to continue with their hard work and develop their ideas to perfection. Thank you for the interest.