On May 25th, 2017, Center for Knowledge Management signed Memorandum for understanding with GENSBOX in Tianjin, China.

The signed Memorandum for understanding is towards ‘complementary, sharing, pragmatic and win-win’ cooperation between the organization for promoting international technology transfer and innovation cooperation.  CKM and GENSBOX will work together to match advanced technology in Macedonia and South and Eastern Europe with China’s economic development, enhancing the technology and innovation exchange between Chinese and Macedonian innovative companies, research institutions, innovative and technology transfer projects and SMEs. 

GENSBOX is an organization from Tianjin, China, present in more than 10 universities in the city, designed for helping young people who pursue innovation and entrepreneurship, offering office spaces, mentoring, financial services, DIY workshops, and other services. GENSBOX is a door between school and society where young people may experience the fastest growth and success at the lowest cost.