We are not stopping!  Today we had the third session of the WECAN Training Program.

The 3rd WECAN session on April 14th was focused on business talks with external experts, sharing experience and knowledge, and increasing networking opportunities.

The session was opened by Ms.Irena Jakimova, an external expert from North Macedonia, who spoke about her experience as a woman entrepreneur, the rise of her company through the challenging journey that she embarked upon where she finally found her lifelong passion to see people grow and invest in their knowledge.

The second speaker, Ms. Carina Van Selling talked about her career development in the area of digital marketing and the gradual growth of her online workshop noplasticplease.nl. Her online shop includes various necessities as a substitute of plastic, which simultaneously have positive impact on the environment.

Among these business and lifelong stories, Ms. Flavia Sosa continued with her motivational talk about the rise of her company on the aspect of business intelligence, which she started with when she was still a Spanish  illigal immigrant. She emphasized the importance of confidence, the trust of instinct and the transmission of passion when selling products and reaching clients that she gained through her life and emotional experience.

The inclusion of external guest talks continued with Ms. Carmen Renovell from Valencia who is part of the company CEEL Valencia, and supports new business start-ups especially those with innovative and technological component. She introduced applicable methodologies and tips for each phase of the entrepreneurial journey and talked about all the useful tools for realization of a business idea such as design thinking, validating, experimenting, different engines of growing etc. so that they can eliminate all their business uncertainties. She also shared the limitations, challenges and barriers from a gender and age perspective that women face when entering the enterprneurial world.

The stories evoked a furitfull discussion among the participants and reflection on how the specific and shared experiences apply to their personall growth and development.