Within the Circular HRM project for enhancing circular skills and jobs through human resources management training, the Center for Knowledge Management as one of the partners of the project, held an outdoors event on 22.09.2021 (Wednesday) at the picturesque Popova Kula in Demir Kapija. At the event, CKM hosted 30 participants who actively work in the area of Human Resources from different organisations in North MAcedonia.


The participants had the opportunity to attend and actively participate in the workshop and learn the principles and tools of the Circular HRM model within a special atmosphere that the particular location provided.  The workshop began with a welcome address and an opening note by the CKM’s Director, Dr. Andrijana Bogdanovska Gjurovikj and the Macedonian Human Resource Association’s Operative manager, Gjoko Vukanovski.

Following a brief introduction and meeting, the Circular HRM project and its goals were presented to the participants. Dr. Bogdanovska presented the Circular HRM’s: research and the process of how the main principles of Circular HRM model were developed and discussed the potential for implementing the Circular HRM Model in Macedonian companies.

In the second half of the day the Dr Bogdanovska presented the E-learning platform for the Circular HRM Model, followed by a session for questions and answers and a working discussion on how the model can be implemented in the Macedonian companies.