The High School Team from North Macedonia Is A Recipient of The Special Award at The First POPRI International Competition

We are proud to present the recipients of the special award at the first POPRI international competition!


Authors: Ivan Peshev, Stefan Malinovski, Kristina Popova, Martin Ristoski

The competition took place on May 11, online through the platform ZOOM. 7 university and 7 highschool teams presented their innovative ideas. It was a pleasure to see bright young minds show us their innovativeness and desire for improving the future. The result?

The highschool team from North Macedonia – Bioneers, took the special award for best borderless idea. GO 2025 Nova Gorica - Gorizia awarded a special prize for the most creative and "borderless" idea. This award is provided by the ECoC Nova Gorica 2025. The winning team received GO! Borderless Gadgets and the opportunity to work on the X-mobile project, a mobile arts thinking platform that is part of the European Capital of Culture cultural and artistic program, and three borderless days in Nova Gorica and Gorizia.

Bioneers envisioned farms where worms turn styrofoam into fertilizer. This innovative idea transcends the boundaries between ecology, industry and agriculture, and creates a solution that benefits everyone.

“Our idea is everyone to be able to use this “product”, according to their needs, and at the same time bring to everyone’s attention that other, more ecological solutions, are always possible.” said Ivan Peshev.

“We really didn’t expect this! We are thrilled, cannot even describe how excited we are. It’s a sign for us to keep working and moving forward!” Kristina told us after the competition.

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