Prepared by: Marija Zelenkovska, Ivana Ivanova, Frosina Gjurevska

Within the WECAN project for education of trainers for women entrepreneurs, Center for knowledge management as one of the partners of the project, held an outdoors event on 10.06.2021 (Thursday) at the picturesque Popova Kula in Demir Kapija. At the event, not only did the women had the opportunity to attend and actively participate in the workshop, learn the activities and tools the WECAN project provides, but they also had the chance to experience it within a special atmosphere that the particular location provided. 

The workshop began with a welcome address to all the participants by the project manager, Dr. Andrijana Bogdanovska Gjurovikj, who started the event by expressing gratitude to all the participants for the major interest and attendance. All the female trainers had the opportunity to introduce themselves at the very beginning through the introductory presentation where the variety and diversity of participants became obvious, considering the fact that they all came from different backgrounds, professions and ages.

Following a brief introduction and meeting, the WECAN project and its goals were presented to the participants, primarily focusing on the WECAN methodological guide whose application is essential to the further development of the woman as a trainer for women entrepreneurs. Within the presentation they were introduced to the EntreComp framework for knowledge and skills, and the participants were encouraged, in separate groups, to have discussions concerning their own and the other participants’ skillsets. By doing that, they gained a comprehensive insight into their own capabilities and they recognized the importance of the daily use of those capabilities in their personal as well as professional life.

As the presentation elapsed, aside from the methodological guide, the participants were informed about the internship manual and its vital importance, due to all the tools it contains that are deemed necessary for the improvement of the entrepreneurship skills of every woman trainer. As a part of the manual, the participants had the opportunity to discover one of the core guides accessible in the manual, also known as the Japanese concept of IKIGAI. Under the guidance of IKIGAI, and in mutual discussion, they managed to determine their life’s purpose.

During the break, all the women trainers were astonished by Popova Kula, relishing in the positive atmosphere permeating throughout the premises and the macedonian traditional food.

During the presentation segment that followed the break, the participants got to familiarize themselves with the WECAN training modules and the e-learning platform in great detail. They were also introduced to the complete process of gradual integration and the application of all the resources a trainer has at their disposal, to ensure security during the process of teaching while they are also being guided by those same means on their own entrepreneurial journey.

After the all-encompassing presentation for the WECAN project, all the participants engaged actively in an insightful discussion, analyzing the forthcoming challenges and barriers, not only as a woman trainer, but in general in their personal and professional lives, confirming the incredible importance of the project and the activities which directly impact their growth and development, with one goal in mind: strengthening their own and others’ entrepreneurial skills to create an inclusive world for women who teach and improve each other.

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