Created by Stefanija Stafonska

Within the project "YES C+C project – enhancing creative, cultural and innovation skills for adults" CKM conducted pilot trainings from 25.10.2022 to 18.10.2022 for 35 participants. CKM Team of mentors conducted the trainings: Andriana Bogdanovska G., Blagica Popovska, Viktorija Mitrikeska, Frosina Gjurevska and Stefanija Stefanoska.

At the training itself, instructions were presented on how to use the already prepared and available platform, which aims to facilitate access to knowledge in the field of cultural, innovation and creative skills for adult students. 

The training covered 8 modules 

Module 1: Introduction to culture and creative sector 
Module 2: Digitalization and technology innovations
Module 3: Green your cultural and creative project
Module 4: Cultural and creative entrepreneurship
Module 5: Cross-Sectional Parameters of the Creative Project
Module 6: Financing a creative and cultural project
Module 7: Construction of a Creative Project as a Brand
Module 8: The social value of a creative project


Participants expressed interest in participating in the pilot training for the acquisition of additional knowledge and development of one's own capacities.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

You can view the mentioned platform at this link: