The High School Team from North Macedonia Is A Recipient of The Special Award at The First POPRI International Competition

We are proud to present the recipients of the special award at the first POPRI international competition!

On April 29th, 2021, the Cneter for Knoaledge management participated at the Kick Off Meeting of our new Erasmus+ project Yes C+C, under the laedership of the Mediterranean Foundation.

We are not stopping!  Today we had the third session of the WECAN Training Program.

We are continuing with the second session of the WECAN Training Program.

The second WECoach session was held April 13th.


We started! The first session of the WECAN training program began on 7 April and it included various activities such as workshops, presentations, group discussions, creative thinking etc.

The time is ticking! We are almost near the day of the competition.

POPRI international is a competition for the best entrepreneurial idea among young people from 9 countries in the Adriatic-Ionian macro region. Until now, 3 494 participants have taken part in it. It is a great chance for young people to develop and grow their creativity and entrepreneurship, but also grow their network.