Young students coming from 10 EUSAIR countries will meet at the competition and present their BEST national ENTREPRENOURIAL IDEAS.

The 4th (final) Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) of the Erasmus+ YES C+C Project “Enhancing creative, cultural and innovation skills for adults” took place in Münster (Germany) on January 31st – February 1st. The meeting was organised by Holly Dagnan and Arndt Selders from Bennohaus, consortium partner. 

The Center for Knowledge Management (CKM) Macedonia which is leader of the ERASMUS + Project of New Ways of Working for Net Zero Emission together with Christophe Lo Giudice of Htag by Références 🇧🇪, Françoise Kemajou and Salima Chitalia of European Think Tank Pour la Solidarité, and Maria Claudia Solarte-Vasquez of 🇧🇪 TalTech – Tallinn University of Technology 🇪🇪 from the partner organisations, were part of the event meeting held in January in Tallinn, Estonia.

Invitation to innovative SMEs to apply for an Acceleration program within the project: Organizing acceleration for high-potential innovative SME’s-(Gazelle)

Within the project ‘’Young Kreativ Social Enterprises’’, a five day intensive training for youth workers was organized in January in one of the most ancient city in Italy, Matera. Eight youth workers from 5 countries (Macedonia included) came to Matera to exchange ideas, share issues, and develop joint solutions on how to motivate young people to open social enterprises.


The Center for Knowledge Management on 22.12.2022 in the premises of Netaville, as part of the  "Horizon Ready" project, organizes an info session intended for representatives of higher education institutions, institutes and research centers. The purpose of this info session is to inform the attendees about the importance of Gender Equality Plans.

The Center for Knowledge Management on 19.12.2022 in the premises of Netavile as part of the  "Horizon Ready" project will organize a short info session. The aim of this session is to inform the  small and medium enterprises, organizations, universities and institutes about the Horizon Europe program . The event will be led by dr. Andriana Bogdanovska Gj.

Created by Stefanija Stafonska

Within the project "YES C+C project – enhancing creative, cultural and innovation skills for adults" CKM conducted pilot trainings from 25.10.2022 to 18.10.2022 for 35 participants. CKM Team of mentors conducted the trainings: Andriana Bogdanovska G., Blagica Popovska, Viktorija Mitrikeska, Frosina Gjurevska and Stefanija Stefanoska.

Dr. Andriana Bogdanovska G. from the Center for Knowledge Management, attended a training to strengthen skills for the preparation and management of Horizon Europe projects (job shadowing). The training was conducted within the framework of the Capacity Development project from the Erasmus+ program with contract number 2020-1-MK01-KA104-077733.

They say that the best skill an entrepreneur can have is the skill of awareness and questioning. The questions offer new answers and job opportunities. Guided by this idea, the Center for Knowledge Management realized the event Young Kreativ Day which is part of the project Erasmus+ Young Kreativ Social Enterprises through the mobilization of Digital skills and Intercultural dialogue aims to boost and encourage creative social entrepreneurial learning of young people through upskilling and empowering youth workers, educators and mentors as primary vehicles of the professional development of youth.

On the 20th and 21st of June, the team of the Let’s Digital project, met in Skopje within the scope of the Transnational Project Meeting. Representatives from all partner-organizations were present at the meeting, including i-Box, EuroCircle, FISPE, Asociacion Progrestion, Programma Integra, and of course, the host, the Center for Knowledge Management.

Junior CKM team member, Aleksandar  attended a 4 week job shadowing mobility in the Dutch Space Campus in Leiden, Netherlands in May 2022, under the Capacity Development project from the Erasmus+ program with contract number 2020-1-MK01-KA104-077733 - Horizon Ready

The project Final Conference, held in Brussels on 2 March 2022, gathered around 60 people at the Brussels Environment Auditorium.

Following a keynote speech by Emmanuel Mossay, expert in Circular Economy, the project results were presented by the Partners.

The Conference ended with a panel discussion and debate to know whether Covid 19 accelerated the need for a Circular HRM.

To find out we invite you to read the Conference summary.

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In the duration of 4 sessions from 17.01-27. 202, the Center for Knowledge Management organized a training on Circular Human Resource Management for discussions at this year's Semos Education Academy of Human Resources.

Human resource development according to the principles of a sustainable (circular) economy is an important prerequisite for a competitive economy. Circular Human Resource Management (HRM) can lead to lasting and sustainable skills in the company unlike the current linear model of hiring, managing and eventually firing.


Venice, Italy, is known by several names, one of which is the ‘Floating City’. This is due to the fact that the city of Venice consists of 118 small islands connected by numerous canals and bridges and we, the CKM team, got to visit it together. We got to spend 5 days together, 2 of them in Venice and the rest 3 days in Nova Gorica, Slovenia.