Digital Decade – Quality of public e-services for the citizens brought together experts from different fields, people working in civil services and citizens with diverse positions for a conference that presented findings from the Study on the Quality of e-Services for citizens in North Macedonia.

In a powerful display of solidarity, a recent event held on June 13, 2023, brought together individuals and organizations committed to empowering migrants and women from vulnerable groups.  

The Center for Knowledge Management recently welcomed Mr. Alfred Coppola, a renowned expert from the US Market Access Center located in the Silicon Valley, California. Mr. Coppola's visit was organised under the Gazelle project,.

The EUSAIR POPRI COMPETITION 2023 has come to the end. 

Acceleration programs of the Gazelle Project, through their Support Centers, aim to strengthen the start ups by promoting access to finance, scientific knowledge and expertise that can be directly “put into action”.