On 14th of July 2020, a meeting was held between the executive director of the Center for Knowledge Management – Andrijana Bogdanovska Gj., and Miss Valentina Disoska, president of Association of Business Women.

From the 17th to 19th of March 2019, 60 stakeholders from 5 countries gathered in Cyprus to advance their knowledge regarding the latest innovations in the energy sector. The theme included reducing energy consumption to lessen pollutant emissions, energy management in buildings, renewable energy, as well as waste-management, in order to reach the most viable opportunities to create innovative energy startups.

Friday 22 February 2019, was the end of the third successful workshop for CKM's Interreg: i3 project “i3 – Education for ideas, inventions and innovations for entrepreneurship”.

On 19-20 of November, 2019, we organized the kick-off meeting for the the new "WECAN" project in Valencia, Spain. WECAN is CKM's new European partnership project, which aims to design an innovative learning programme to encourage the entrepreneurial activity among female adults (potential entrepreneurs, freelancers, unemployed) at the age of 30-45 with no, or little entrepreneurial experience. 

On 26th and 27th September, the Circular HRM project partnership, co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme, met for the first time in Galway, Ireland ! The project consortsium is led by Pour la Solidarité-PLS.

CKM– Center for Knowledge Management, successfully concludes its “Education for ideas, inventions and innovations for entrepreneurship – i3“. The Fair and conference served as the finale of the 2-year project, within the context of Balkan-Med Interreg and involved 5 partners from five countries who joined forces to create a model for entrepreneurship through researching top themes and creating targeted training workshops in the following areas: environment, energy, lifestyle, technology and Informatics. The partnership involved the following 5 countries – Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Republic of North Macedonia and Albania.